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Herbal Healing Inc. is a 14 year old herbal manufacturing and retail company featuring superior quality loose-leaf therapeutic herbal tea blends, tinctures, salves and personal care products for the natural health market. Jo-Anne Wilson is our Certified Herbal Therapist that only uses natural and organic ingredients to formulate and manufacture Herbal Healing’s products.

Herbal Healing Inc. provides holistic healthcare in the marketplace. Our unique formulas and in-house manufacturing processes incorporate healing properties of certified organic herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural ingredients. The products offer therapeutic healing and preventative alternative healthcare benefits.

We believe in our products and know they work, not only for us personally, but for the customers we have served for the past 14 years. Our testimonials tell us that.

We’re proudly Canadian too! We are proudly Canadians!

Jo-Anne & Don Wilson

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Our Products

Herbal Healing Inc., Nanton, Alberta

Our priority is general health and well-being and our primary focus is to formulate and create premium quality products. All of our extensive product line is locally hand-crafted in our kitchen in our shop in Calgary, Alberta.

As we do not use preservatives, our certified organic herbal tea blends and all natural bath and body products are made in small batches on an “as needed” basis. The products we offer are effective botanical preparations and are guaranteed fresh.

All of Herbal Healing Inc. products are handled, analyzed, and supervised by a full-time Quality Assurance Person. Every aspect of all of the products processing, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling is done in accordance with strict quality control and organic handling procedures.

Meet the Herbal Healing Inc. Team!

At Herbal Healing Inc. we believe we have a dedicated team that makes a true difference in our overall quality of our products. As a team we share a commitment to keeping you well informed via all of our communications media and by doing good work.

Herbal Healing Inc. team nanufacturing
Herbal Healing Inc. team nanufacturing
Herbal Healing Inc. Owner and Certified Herbal Therapist Jo-Anne Wilson with team member manufacturing in Nanton, Alberta

What others say about us

Headache Tincture

I can get brutal headaches and I typically try not to use pharmaceutical remedies because I know how bad they are for your body. I was about to take some drugs due to the pain I was in when my brother suggested I try Herbal Healing’s headache tincture. Literally within 5-10 minutes after taking the tincture my headache was completely gone! I was amazed, felt incredible and it took no time at all.

Rebecca SingerCalgray, Alberta

All Heal salve

The Herbal Healing All Heal Salve worked amazingly well on my burn! I applied it twice a day to the burnt area and with a few days it started to close over. Within a week new skin had grown and my burned mark was no longer raw and open. Today, about a month later it hardly looks like anything happened! I don’t believe this wound would have healed nearly as quickly or as perfectly with any other product. I would highly recommend the All Heal Salve.

Jennifer H.Calgary, Alberta

Headache Tea

The certified organic Headache tea has been a lifesaver for me. I hated all the Tylenol I was taking to relieve my headaches. Now I don’t take any medicine and get no headaches!

SylviaCalgary, Alberta

Hand & Body Lotion

Your lavender hand and body lotion is not only a greaseless drink for my skin, but the all-natural aroma helps me to relax and sleep after a hard day of work.

Catherine SloanVictoria, BC

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