How to reap the benefits of rosemary essential oil

image of rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is a herb commonly used in cooking but you may not know of its many perks as an essential oil. We break down the top uses of this natural beauty.


How to identify food intolerances

Have you struggled with food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities in the past? More and more of us are becoming aware of certain foods that might not sit well with us. But why? And how do you know what to remove from your diet? 

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How to protect your skin with natural homemade sunscreen

Looking to soak up some rays now that summer is coming around? Or maybe you’re about to embark on that much-deserved vacation in a sunny location. It can be tempting to slather on cheaply made SPF lotions that claim the ultimate protection, but like all things we put into and onto our bodies, they are […]


How to get started with essential oils

Essential oils – we hear about them so often but it’s not always clear how to use them. In this series of blog posts, we’re going to look at the benefits of essential oils, the properties of different ones and how you can actually use them in every day life.


The ultimate cleansing green juice

OK: so there are thousands of smoothie/green juice recipes out there but we can tell you WHY the ingredients in this green juice truly are so good for a spring cleanse. Give your body an energy-boosting kick start with this green delight.

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How to boost your energy from spring tonics

Boosting your energy is a hot topic these days and everything seems to promise that sought-after youthful pep in your step with a bonus glowing skin side effect. While there are thousands of health-inducing smoothie and juice recipes out there – find our recipe here 😉 – do these acclaimed boosters actually deliver what they claim to?

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DIY oat scrub

With the temperatures dropping off as fall and what feels like winter creep in, we have to work harder at protecting our skin from the cold, dry air. This simple DIY oat scrub can be used as a natural exfoliant with products you most likely have around your home already. Chamomile is good for irritable or […]

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