Herbal Healing Inc. Calendula Herbal Carrier Oil - 250 ml

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AdaptogenIncreases the body’s ability to handle stress.
AlterativeProduces a gradual improvement in the nutritional state of the body.
AnalgesicRelieves or reduces pain.
AnestheticNumbs the nerves and causes a loss of sensation.
AnthelminticExpels or kills intestinal worms.
AntibacterialPrevents the growth of and kills bacteria.
AnticoagulantPrevents clotting of the blood.
AntidepressantAlleviates or prevents depression
AntidiarrhoeicRelieves diarrhea.
AntidoteA remedy to counteract a poison.
AntiemeticCounteracts nausea and stops vomiting.
AntifungalKills fungal infections.
Anti-inflammatoryReduces inflammation.
AntilithicPrevents formation of stones or calculus.
AntimicrobialInhibits the growth of micro-organisms.
AntineuralgicStops nerve pain.
AntipruriticRelieves or prevents itching.
AntiputridStops putrefaction.
AntiscleroticRemoves deposits from circulatory vessels in the body.
AntisepticInhibits the growth of and kills bacteria.
AntispasmodicRelieves or prevents spasms, cramps and convulsions.
AntitoxicCounteracts poisons.
AntitussiveRelieves coughs.
AntiviralWeakens and kills viruses.
AperientA gentle purgative of the bowels.
AperitiveStimulates the appetite.
AstringentContracts tissue and reduces secretions.


BronchodilatorDilates the spastic bronchial tube.


CalmativeMild sedative or tranquilizer.
CardiacStimulates or affects the heart.
CephalicProblems relating to the head.
CholagogueIncreases the flow of bile.
CholereticStimulates the production of bile.
CoagulantClots the blood.
CounterirritantAn irritant used to counteract irritation or inflammation in another part of the body.


DecongestantRelieves congestion.
DemulcentSoothes irritated tissue, particularly mucous membranes
DeodorantDeodorizer. Eliminates offensive odors.
DepurativeCleanses and purifies the blood and internal organs.
DiaphoreticCauses perspiration.
DigestivePromotes and aids digestion.
DisinfectantKills infections and disease-producing micro-organisms.
DiureticIncrease the secretion and elimination of urine.


EmeticInduces vomiting.
EmmenagoguePromotes and regulates menstruation.
EmollientSoftens the skin and soothes inflamed and irritated tissues.
EstrogenicSimilar to estrogen.
EuphoriantBrings on an exaggerated sense of physical and emotional well-being.


FebrifugeReduces or prevents fevers.


GalactagoguePromotes or increases the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
GermicideKills germs.


HemostaticStops hemorrhaging.
HepaticActs on the liver.
HypertensorRaises the blood pressure.
HypnoticInduces sleep.
HypoglycemientLowers blood sugar levels.
HypotensorLowers the blood pressure.


IntoxicantAn intoxicating substance.
InsecticideKills insects.




LaxativePromotes the evacuation of the bowels; a mild purgative.



NervineCalming and soothing to the nervous system.



ParasiticideKills parasites, especially those living on or in the skin.
ParturientFacilitates labor and childbirth.
PectoralHaving an effect on the respiratory system.
PurgativePromotes a vigorous evacuation of the bowels.



RefrigerantCools and lowers the body temperature.
RegeneratorPromotes new growth or repair of structures or tissues lost by disease or injury.
RejuvenatorTo make young again and bring back a youthful appearance.
RelaxantLessens or reduces tension and produces relaxation.
ResolventDisperses swelling.
RestorativeRestores consciousness and/or normal physiological activity.
RubefacientA local irritant that reddens the skin.


SedativeCalms anxiety and promotes drowsiness.
StimulantExcites or quickens an activity in the body.
StomachicStrengthens, stimulates and tones the stomach.
StypticReduces or stops external bleeding by contracting the blood vessels.
SudorificPromotes or increases perspiration


TonicStrengthens and invigorates the entire body or specific organs.
TranquilizerCalms the nerves and brings on a state of peacefulness without inducing sleep.



VasoconstrictorConstricts the blood vessels, which raises the blood pressure.
VasodilatorDilates the blood vessels.
VermifugeExpels intestinal worms.
VulneraryHeals wounds and sores by external application.