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We could tell you all the wonderful things our products do, but we think you would prefer to hear it from our customers instead. We have taken 12 years to perfect our blends and our customers come back time and again to tell us how well they work.

Rose Shampoo, Conditioner and Face Cream

Recently I purchased the Rose Shampoo, Conditioner and Face Cream on a whim; I hadn’t tried any HH products before. Wow! My hair is very fussy about what goes on it so I was a bit leery about how it would react to these new products. It loves them! My hair is a bit coarse with a lot of curls and wave and with this shampoo and conditioner it consistently comes out soft, smooth and shining. The shine is really impressive, because my hair doesn’t usually shine unless I use a styling product on it, and I haven’t needed any since using this shampoo and conditioner.

The Rose face cream is heavenly. My skin, although “mature”, is very reactive and easily irritated but it loves this cream. Such a little amount goes a long way, and the scent is divine.

I usually order my natural skin/hair care from Ontario, so I’m happy to have found HH right here in Calgary, and am looking forward to trying many more products.

DN Calgary, Alberta

Headache Tincture

I used to get at least 1 (usually more) migraine a month! I went to the doctor but didn’t want to go on the migraine medication they suggested, as it was either an anti-depressant, or an anti-seizure drug, and I didn’t want to be putting things in my body that I didn’t need!

So I started taking this all natural headache blend, and my migraines started coming on less frequently! And when I did get one, it was much less severe! I now haven’t had a migraine in almost 6 months, and I have this headache blend to thank for it! I would recommend this blend to anyone who gets even the slightest to severe headaches and migraines, and just wants some relief!

Thanks again! This stuff is just amazing!

Sarah Silver Calgary, Alberta

Arnica Salve

Love the arnica salve. First tried it years ago on my ankles. It’s amazing now all I do is use it when I over do it. Thank you for continuing to make great products.

Teresa EleniakBeaver County, Alberta

Stimulating Liniment Oil

I tried the stimulating liniment oil as I was not able to bring my left arm straight up without a lot of pain.  I am currently on medication for prostate cancer, and I believe this is one of the side effects.  After two days using this liniment, I noticed a definite improvement to range of motion, and after one week of use, was able to bring my arm straight up without any pain.  Very impressed with its healing capabilities!

Thank you!

George Ruck, Sr.Calgary, Alberta

All Heal Salve

I had surgery on the 4th of September they put 1 plate and 6 screws in my clavicle. I used the all heal salve for 2 weeks post sugary to help with scar tissue and infection and inflammation. My Incision healed beautifully and my staples were ready to come out 5 days earlier than expected. – Marita

MaritaCalgary, Alberta

Digestive Tea

I came across Herbal Healing at the Kingsland Farmers’ Market and spoke to Jo-Anne about some constant stomach and digestive issues I had been having literally everyday for the past year or so. I was beginning to think I was Celiac or had intolerance to something I was eating. No matter what I changed in my diet I was not able to find relief. I always felt really gassy and bloated. My stomach felt sick and “gurgly” and it was incredibly uncomfortable. I was really at a loss at what to do and was very frustrated.

Jo-Anne offered that I try some organic Digestive tea she had brewed and mentioned that it really helps with digestive issues. My ears immediately perked up and I gladly tried some. It tasted delicious!! It has a light minty taste and is excellent on its own. She explained the ingredients to me and the benefits and I was happy to buy some and give it a try. I started drinking the tea every morning and was shocked that for the first time in SO LONG, my stomach and body felt amazing. Not even a HINT of what I was dealing with before. I thought this must be too good to be true and kept drinking the tea, thinking that one day my symptoms would come back. It has been about 3 weeks now and since I started drinking this tea and I have not had any stomach issues AT ALL!

I am completely blown away by the effectiveness of this tea and how quickly it worked for me. I am SO grateful to Jo-Anne and this product. It has literally changed my life and increased my quality of life immensely. Jo-Anne, you have a customer for life and I cannot say enough good things about this tea. I will recommend it to anyone I know suffering from any digestive issues, no matter how small. It is delicious, affordable and most importantly, extremely effective! Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!

Jessica WaldersCalgary, Alberta

Arnica Salve

I first found out about Herbal Healing when I traveled through Nanton, AB and picked up a brochure about the town and businesses. I thought “Wow, someone who has products that are organic and natural!”, so I emailed Herbal Healing to see if they could recommend something for my ankles. I had sprained and torn ligaments in both of my ankles at least half a dozen times and had tried many different things that never really worked.

The response back was quick and they suggested trying the Arnica Salve. After walking around on the uneven ground and gravel my ankles were sore, the pain was always constant and they were always swollen. I picked to the Arnica Salve at the farmers market, sat in my truck and rubbed some on. I immediately noticed that something was happening, they felt different, but I continued on my way. Later that day they felt good and after three days of use the swelling was down. I had actual anklebones!! Then I noticed the pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it, yet I was proof of the Arnica Salve! After years of damage to my ankles and working on concrete floors they no longer hurt.

I have told neighbors, friends and strangers about the great product, which helped me. I even gave it to my Mom who had torn ligaments in her knees helping with calving. She says it works better than the product she got from her doctor. I thank Jo-Anne for creating a product that truly works!

Teresa EleniakTofield, Alberta

Pregnancy Tea

I drank the pregnancy tea religiously throughout my pregnancy and was lucky enough to feel great the whole time! I drank it warm in the evenings, and also mixed it with lemon and lime for a refreshing iced tea during the day. If I am blessed with another pregnancy at some point in my life, I will certainly be making sure to stock up on the pregnancy tea again!

Jenny HarrisonCalgary, Alberta

Mother’s Milk Tea

I also drank the Mother’s Milk tea after the birth of my son. It worked wonders for me! A few months after giving birth I began to work a couple nights a week, and also put my son in childcare a couple mornings a week so I could exercise. As I was exclusively breastfeeding, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pump enough milk to keep up with the demand for bottles. The mother’s milk tea helped keep my supply strong, even increasing it a little! I am so grateful for this tea!

Jenny HarrisonCalgary, Alberta

Headache Tincture

I can get brutal headaches and I typically try not to use pharmaceutical remedies because I know how bad they are for your body. I was about to take some drugs due to the pain I was in when my brother suggested I try Herbal Healing’s headache tincture. Literally within 5-10 minutes after taking the tincture my headache was completely gone! I was amazed, felt incredible and it took no time at all.

Rebecca SingerCalgray, Alberta

All Heal salve

The Herbal Healing All Heal Salve worked amazingly well on my burn! I applied it twice a day to the burnt area and with a few days it started to close over. Within a week new skin had grown and my burned mark was no longer raw and open. Today, about a month later it hardly looks like anything happened! I don’t believe this wound would have healed nearly as quickly or as perfectly with any other product. I would highly recommend the All Heal Salve.

Jennifer H.Calgary, Alberta

Headache Tea

The certified organic Headache tea has been a lifesaver for me. I hated all the Tylenol I was taking to relieve my headaches. Now I don’t take any medicine and get no headaches!

SylviaCalgary, Alberta

Hand & Body Lotion

Your lavender hand and body lotion is not only a greaseless drink for my skin, but the all-natural aroma helps me to relax and sleep after a hard day of work.

Catherine SloanVictoria, BC

Muscle & Joint Salve

Your muscle and joint relieving salve is the only thing that relieves my chronic aches. That it is all-natural is amazing.

LindyCalgary, Alberta

Cold Sore Tincture

Hello, my name is Scott Fischer. I am 27 years old and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I have been afflicted with cold sores since I was a very young boy. They were a constant nuisance, as those of you who get them know exactly what I am talking about! Every time I got stressed or spent too much time in the sun, no amount of lip chap or any other help from the drug store could save me from at least 2 weeks of generally being miserable. …

Well, I’m writing this letter to let all of you cold sore sufferers know, there is a very good chance you can rid, that’s right, RID yourself of this annoying virus FOREVER!!!!! About a year ago, I met Jo-Anne Wilson through friends of mine who said that her company was very accomplished and was getting rave reviews for their products. I thought yeah, probably just another quick fix for us cold sore sufferers. You know, it makes the cold sore go away faster, but it can’t get rid of it altogether. I was at the point where a quick fix just wasn’t enough. Anyway, I met her and she explained the cold sore tincture they had, how it was supposed to help rid the virus from the body, the amount of time and product it would take to accomplish this feat. The longer we talked, the more I got the feeling that hey, these people BELIEVE they have a cure for the cold sore virus and she was so adamant about it. So, I started taking the tincture, following the instructions to a tee. I did this for 3 months and I have to tell you, it’s been a year and nothing, I MEAN NOTHING!!!!! Not a tingle. Not a bump. NOTHING, since I stopped taking it. I even tested it! I went out a whole day without chap stick of any kind, I let my lips get chapped and cracked by too much exposure to the elements. While I was taking the tincture, I also switched jobs, so my stress level was pretty high. These were, in the past, all things that would contribute to me usually waking up with a cold sore or two, or developing one through the day, that kind of thing. I LITERALLY COULDN’T BELIEVE NOTHING HAPPENED, NOT A TINGLE, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I was beside myself with joy, relief. It’s one less annoying thing in my life that doesn’t need to be, and I owe it all to Jo-Anne Wilson and Herbal Healing. I have since tried several other products of theirs, including dry skin and healing salves, and they have all worked wonderfully. To sum up, for all you cold sore sufferers, I am living proof that the cold sore virus can be eliminated from your lives forever, and I thank Herbal Healing a thousand times over for being the ones to finally answer my call for help. I strongly, STRONGLY recommend any and all cold sore sufferers, and any others who are in need of healing products or other relaxation supplies, get in touch with Herbal Healing. Thank you for your time, and thank Herbal Healing for a miracle!

Scott Fischer - A Cold Sore Sufferer No More!Calgary, Alberta

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