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All of our products are 100% natural, sustainably sourced and hand-made with certified organic herbs right here in Calgary.


I’m Jo-Anne, a Certified Herbal Therapist.

I started Herbal Healing in 2002 after a life long fascination with herbs and plants. After being unable to cure my chronic sinus infection through western medicine, I started exploring alternative, natural therapies.

Jo-Anne Wilson, Founder

Arnica Salve

“Super healing for sprained ankle and knee! I got this on a Thursday, when my 185 lb autistic son jumped off the trampoline and landed so badly he couldn’t stand up, and needed 2 people to get him into the bath, navigate stairs, etc. Applied 2x daily, had an energy treatment, gave a few doses of arnica 200c in the first 18 hrs, and by Sunday he was walking by himself with just a slight limp. This salve is much more effective than Arnicare arnica gel. Swelling was minimal, bruises faded quickly. The Herbal Healing Arnica Salve feels freshly made and potent, easy to massage with, and has been a much valued support in the healing process. Thank you!”

 Headache Blend Tincture

“For years I have experienced migraine headaches associated with changes in the barometric pressure. Despite changing my diet, limiting caffeine and increasing exercise they persisted and at times were debilitating. I was so frustrated as the quality of my life was being significantly impacted. I was also concerned about the increasing amount of over the counter medication I required.

I contacted Jo-Anne and she recommended her headache remedy coupled with garlic pills to address my continually blocked sinus. The change was almost instant. My sinus opened and I went through 2 significant pressure changes in the first week headache free! I know this is going to require ongoing diligence on my part to continue the remedy even when I am feeling good but that is a non-issue given the relief I am experiencing.
Thank you Jo-Anne for your help and ongoing support.”

All Heal Salve

” I was at your shop in the Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market and purchased a number of products. You recommended your All Heal Salve for the cracked, split, dry skin on my fingers. Well, I am amazed!! The split on my thumb that would not go away after trying multiple different creams is completely gone and it hasn’t even been a week! Thank you, I will be back for sure! “

Stimulating Liniment Oil

“Wanted to write a testimonial for Herbal Healing stimulating liniment oil. My husband has pseudo gout from time to time,  It wanders around his legs and feet.  It is very painful.  I purchased a bottle of stimulating liniment oil from Herbal Healing and within 10 minutes of application to his foot, the pain began to subside.  We were amazed! He has been using it for a week and the gout has improved immensely!   We love the fact that it is a natural remedy.  Highly recommend it!  I have started using it on my arthritic knee and it too feels better.  Thanks Herbal Healing!”

“Every product I have tried from Herbal Healing has been high quality and incredible. I highly recommend them!”

Rose Shampoo, Conditioner and Face Cream

“Recently I purchased the Rose Shampoo, Conditioner and Face Cream on a whim; I hadn’t tried any HH products before. Wow! My hair loves them! My hair is a bit coarse with a lot of curls and wave but with this shampoo and conditioner it consistently comes out soft, smooth and shining.

I usually order my natural skin/hair care from Ontario, so I’m happy to have found HH right here in Calgary, and am looking forward to trying many more products!”

The Rose Face Cream is heavenly. My skin, although “mature” is very reactive and easily irritated but it loves this cream. Such a little amount goes a long way, and the scent is divine.”

Headache Tincture

“I used to get at least one (usually more) migraine a month! I didn’t want to go on medication suggested by my doctor like anti-depressants or an anti-seizure drug.

So I started taking the headache tincture and my migraines came on less frequently and much less severe. I now haven’t had a migraine in almost six months. I would recommend this blend to anyone who gets even the slightest to severe headaches and migraines, and just wants some relief!

Thanks again! This stuff is just amazing!”

Arnica Salve

“Love the arnica salve. First tried it years ago on my ankles. It’s amazing now all I do is use it when I over do it. Thank you for continuing to make great products.”

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