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    Herbal Healing Inc. teas are certified organic. We have carefully created a line of twelve high quality therapeutic teas. We’ve tested them for 12 years and know they work.

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    Herbs provide an array of natural botanical benefits. Our balms, butters, creams, lotions and oils soothe and replenish lost moisture to your skin.

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    Our organic products offer therapeutic healing and preventative alternative healthcare benefits.

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    Herbal Healing’s tinctures are carefully prepared, individually or blended, to aid with healing specific ailments.

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Our Therapeutic Teas

Contain 100% natural ingredients and are certified organic.

Use ingredients that are carefully sourced from around the world.

Are federally licensed with NPN numbers certified by Health Canada, ensuring safe and effective products.

Are blended and packaged in Canada by our specialists.

Simply put,
tea needs room to breathe.

To ensure a perfect blend and effectiveness you want the ingredients to be as whole as possible so the medicinal benefits and taste aren’t compromised.

Let steep for 10-15 minutes.

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Therapeutic Tea Sampler

If you can’t decide which tea to try or you just want to keep a small supply of our best in your cupboard, try our therapeutic tea sample pack. Makes a great gift too! Each sampler includes Cleansing, Healthy Foundations, Stress Release, Digestive, and Vitality Teas.



Traditionally used as a diuretic and aid in relieving urinary tract irritations.



Traditionally used to fight off colds, flu symptoms and upper respiratory infections.



Traditionally used as a nervine tonic and calmative to help alleviate stress and nervousness.



Traditionally used as a stomachic and carminative in the symptomatic relief of digestive complaints.



Used as a general and nutritive tonic for periods of physical and mental fatigue.

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Headache Tincture

I used to get at least 1 (usually more) migraine a month! I went to the doctor but didn’t want to go on the migraine medication they suggested, as it was either an anti-depressant, or an anti-seizure drug, and I didn’t want to be putting things in my body that I didn’t need! So I started taking this all natural headache blend, and my migraines started coming on less frequently! And when I did get one, it was much less severe! I now haven’t had a migraine in almost 6 months, and I have this headache blend to thank for it! I would recommend this blend to anyone who gets even the slightest to severe headaches and migraines, and just wants some relief!

Thanks again! This stuff is just amazing!

Sarah SilverCalgary, Alberta

Stimulating Liniment Oil

I tried the stimulating liniment oil as I was not able to bring my left arm straight up without a lot of pain.  I am currently on medication for prostate cancer, and I believe this is one of the side effects.  After two days using this liniment, I noticed a definite improvement to range of motion, and after one week of use, was able to bring my arm straight up without any pain.  Very impressed with its healing capabilities!

Thank you!

George Ruck, Sr.Calgary, Alberta

All Heal Salve

I had sugary on the 4th of September they put 1 plate and 6 screws in my clavicle. I used the all heal salve for 2 weeks post sugary to help with scar tissue and infection and inflammation. My Incision healed beautifully and my staples were ready to come out 5 days earlier than expected. – Marita

MaritaCalgary, Alberta

Mother’s Milk Tea

I also drank the Mother’s Milk tea after the birth of my son. It worked wonders for me! A few months after giving birth I began to work a couple nights a week, and also put my son in childcare a couple mornings a week so I could exercise. As I was exclusively breastfeeding, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pump enough milk to keep up with the demand for bottles. The mother’s milk tea helped keep my supply strong, even increasing it a little! I am so grateful for this tea!

Jenny HarrisonCalgary, Alberta

Headache Tea

The certified organic Headache tea has been a lifesaver for me. I hated all the Tylenol I was taking to relieve my headaches. Now I don’t take any medicine and get no headaches!

SylviaCalgary, Alberta

Hand & Body Lotion

Your lavender hand and body lotion is not only a greaseless drink for my skin, but the all-natural aroma helps me to relax and sleep after a hard day of work.

Catherine SloanVictoria, BC